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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 30, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to the journal coming to you live from dw here in berlin. >> good to have you with us. here is what is coming up in the next half-hour. >> israel said it found the bodies of three teenagers that went missing in the west bank earlier in the month. >> more violence in eastern ukraine as they go to work on extending a cease-fire. >> and in the soccer world cup france wins 2-0.
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israeli troops found the bodies of three teenagers that disappeared in the west bank. officials accuse hamas of killing the boys. >> bodies were found in an open field. the israeli prime minister called an urgent meeting of his security cabinets with ministers expected to take operative decisions. the disappearance triggered one of the most intensive military deployments in the west bank in receipt years. >> let's get more on the story now from tonya kramer joining us . what is the latest? the government has been warning of an outcome like this possible for a number of weeks now. >> yeah. this was really the worst outcome that could happen. the nation was watching every move in the search for the
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missing teenagers. the bodies were found according to israeli media in a town in the southern west bank. this is where the surge and the big military operation has been focusing on the past two weeks. the forensics are being done. the families have been informed. of course people in israel want to know what really happened to those three teenagers and also what type of reactions are pouring in over the past hour. >> what type of response do we expect from israeli government? >> this comes at a very sensitive time. tensions are very high. there is a security meeting on the way from which we expect further details. it might give us an idea of what the response will be. it has political implications. israel has made hamas responsible.
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of course also for the palestinian authority were under pressure by thishishy government. it will be difficult. he was under a lot of pressure to call off the process with hamas. we will have to wait to see in the coming hours about that. >> ok. we will be watching that very closely. security cabinet meeting on this kidnapping and deaths. tonya kramer from jerusalem. >> the telephone call took place just a short time ago. >> now to monitor the situation moscow suggested using ukrainian and international observers on the russian side of the border to ensure they are not used for illegal means. >> the proposal comes as fighting claims the life of a
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cameraman working for a russian tv show. >> these images show the man on his final assignment. the veteran cameraman was covering a story about the mothers of ukrainian soldiers when the van he was traveling in came under fire. his employer says ukrainian soldiers opened fire, wounding him in the stomach. he later would die in the hospital. the death of the 68-year-old is headline news on russian television. moscow said the incident shows ukraine is not serious about deescalating the conflict. peace negotiations still continue. during a monday phone call they discussed freeing prisoners and allowing international monitors on the ground. residents of eastern ukraine have little reason for optimism. a cease-fire imposed earlier this month has done little to ease the tension or stem the violence.
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here fighting continued between government forces and pro russian separatists. both sides accuse each other of break the truce. critics say extending it would only give the rebels more time to regroup. >> how is that going to work out? we are joined now from kiev. the temporary cease-fire has expired. could we see a new one or will the fighting simply resume? >> well, for all we know both foreign ministers of ukraine and russia are negotiating for a truce extension. but in the end the ukrainian president will have the say. he is under increasing pressure at home. a lot of people and a lot of his commanders and soldiers say an ongoing truce will only play into the hands of the rebels.
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because they keep attacking the ukrainian forces and they have no chance to fight back. >> we have seen telephone diplomacy today. what are the countries hoping to achieve? >> first of all, they hope to achieve to stop the influx of weapons of heavy arms from russia into eastern ukraine. then they want to achieve the liberation of all hostages and prisoners in eastern ukraine. both sides from the rebels and ukrainian army. and of course they want to achieve substantial talks between the pro russian rebels in eastern ukraine and the government here. and thus this will be the most difficult task i suppose because some of the rebels refuse any talks at all and even refuse to observe the truce. >> russia says none of the weapons you mentioned are
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crossing the border. to prove that it wants international observers on its side of the border to monitor any action there. is that a possibility? would that address western concerns? >> of course there is a little chance. but we heard russia's foreign minister saying that this monitoring mission only can happen after a cease-fire is granted. we have to wait and look very carefully in the next hours and the next days whether russia is ready to use its influence with the rebels or not or whether this is only another attempt by russia to buy some time. dan: marcus, thanks very much. >> to iraq where the army says the declaration of an islamic state by sunni radicals makes the group a threat to world security. they called on all muslims to
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pledge their aliegens to their leader. >> isis has captured parts of syria and iraq. >> a defense perimeter is set up around the capital, baghdad. iraqi soldiers patrolling areas on the out skirts of baghdads. the sunni militants control vast areas of the country. there is fear they could advance into the city. something the army is determined to prevent. the extremists have overrun vast areas in the north. battles are still raging in the city of tikrit. territorial gains boosted the militants confidence. on sunday they declared an islammist state in areas of syria and iraq currently under their control. it covers areas in northern syria and eastern iraq. isis changed its name to the
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islamic state and vows to expand to other territories. muslims around the world criticize the move. we reject the establishment of an islamic state because it is built on terrorism. it is not an islamic state. it is a terrorist state. iraq will remain for the iraqis. retaking the city of tikrit is a priority for the army. it is lobalingted on a main transport connection. >> time now for business news. argentina say its won't be brought to its knees. that is the slogan as parking lot of an ad campaign in major newspapers over the weekend. >> argentina is facing another default on the national debt. an american court blocked them from paying current bondholders without paying the hedge funds that went empty handed back in
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2001. >> they are furious. they blame hedge fund managers for once again pushing their country to the brink of default. a small group of bondholders demanding full payments of debts left over from a previous default in 2001. a u.s. court ordered payments by june 30. but the court ruling effectively made it impossible to service interest on debts owed to a much larger group of bondholders that agreed to participate in debt swaps over the past decade. the government says it can't afford to meet both payments. in 2001 mml bought bonds. it is now demanding the larger sum plus interest. a 1700% profit. argentina refuses to pay. a majorlte of creditors agreed
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to write-downs. if they do pay it in full it will likely trigger lawsuits. financial analysts say it could be upwards of $15 billion. >> is there a solution to the crisis? if not what consequences is argentina facing if it defaults. we put in that question. >> li don't really believe that the country will default. why? the country has a period of 30 days now. beginning tomorrow. they can negotiate with the hedge funds. i think the period is long enough to try to reach a result that might be acceptable for both parties. the hedge fund is also saying that they would also accept a
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longer period. so i think that argentina might come up with a good deal for all sides. however what argentina needs is funds. the problem is that there is nobody in the world willing to lend the country fresh money. that is the only down side in the whole problem. >> here in europe bulgaria's banks are on the brink as they can face a run and a loss of confidence. >> the european commission stepped in with a backstop approving a precautionary credit line for bulgaria. >> they blame the looming crisis on rumors and promises there is plenty of liquidity. >> long lines, rumors bulgaria's banks are on the verge of collapse caused panic around the
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country. >> i am here to withdraw my money and put it in another bank. >> on friday worried customers withdrew more than 400 million euros, 10% of the banks' total deposits. earlier in the month the central bank suspended operations at corporate commercial bank and last week bulgaria suffered a similar fate as depositers rushed to empty their accounts. after an emergency meeting sunday political leaders tried to calm the tension. >> there is no financial crisis. there is no banking crisis. there is no liquidity crisis. there is a crisis in confidence among the people. >> the crisis increased pressure on the government. speaking to the nation the president told bulgarians not to worry. >> the money our citizens and invested in bulgarian banks is
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secure. the banks will continue their regular operation. >> but that is too little, too late for many customers afraid of losing their life savings. >> i don't trust a single one of them. >> our government does not provide any security. they all tell us something different. >> in a move meant to regain confidence the president said he will install an interim government. >> here in europe the dax got a slight bump of .2% holding on to recent gains. across the atlantic the dow jones industrial average settled in the day with basically little change there. one euro will get you $1.36.
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>> go to a short break. when we come back we will go to dw's global medium forum. >> and we will have the latest matches in soccer from the night. stay >> welcome back to the show. media figures from around the world together with people from politics and business have gathered for dw's global media forum. >> talking about the challenges presented by globalization. one of the speakers there is going to be joined in just a moment. >> now the conference comes as journalists around the world continue to face censorship and oppression. >> we have this report from the dw team that just returned from egypt. >> cairo in may. a huge report on the presidential elections.
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but we do not get far. we are asked to accompany them to the police station. we are told that journalists need to obtain a separate permit from the ministry. for each street if we do want stop our camera will be confiscated and we could face prosecution. this man's mgo monitors human rights violations. two weeks ago it got on the wrong side of the new government. the group's magazine was confiscated because of this portrayal of the president as king. >> it is at an all-time low. the current regime does want demand journalists keep quiet but it expects their support. journalists who express criticism have to fight for their freedom. there are 19 journalists in
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prison. we did not even see that under the military government or the muslim brotherhood. >> in this 2014 report about press freedom in egypt he says there is a systemic campaign against journalists that are critical of the regime. >> al-jazeera presenters are donkeys. i call their station sewage station. >> anyone that does not tow the line is subjected to ruthless attacks. >> keep your mouth closed this time. keep quiet. >> he is a well known egyptian writer and one of the losers in the struggle for freedom of expression. his last column in a daily newspaper was cancelled after he spoke out against media bosses that treat any dissension as treason writing only one opinion is allowed.
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criticism and differences of opinions are no longer desired. just praise at the expense of the truth. the president has said security is his top priority and freedom and human rights must wait. supporters of the muslim brotherhood. one of those in the government's radar being berated by this presenter as a traitor and a clown. we won't leave you in peace he says. >> not just you but every other in egypt trying to insult our military and state and follows foreign interests. >> after three seasons of his hugely successful show it was announced that it would not be coming back. >> i am tired of worrying about my safety and those around me. i am not blaming the broadcaster. they tried everything, but the
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pressure was greater. >> they said a public farewell. it was a symbol of the state of journalistic freedom in egypt. >> he joined us earlier from the dw forum. we began by asking him how important satire is as a tool in affecting change. >> i think satire is an incredible way in order to express yourself. a wonderful way for freedom of expression. it is anant dote for so many negativities that plague society. it is not necessarily a weapon to fight or resist but a way for freedom of expression and to communicate without violence and hate. >> you are no longer doing the show. you said this is not the end but a new beginning. what do you mean by that? >> well, there is always a way. if you have a creative team like the one behind the show there is
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always a way to come back and express yourself differently if the present form at is not the best one or if the present format will put your life or the people around you in danger. there is a way to come back and to have a different way or feeling of expression. if it is a hard-hitting political satire show is not appropriate. >> you said that in egypt fear will not win. what makes you so very confident? >> we are a very young population. more than half of the country is under the age of 35. i understand what we are going through might make people nervous. just today we had a couple of bombs around the palace. it is understandable that people will be afraid and nervous and if is unacceptable in the face
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of the terrorist acts that we see. again there would be other ways for people to fight this. not through oppressive acts but through freedom of expression. this is the best way to protect yourself. >> thank you so much. you can find out plenty more about the forum and our live stream video for it at our website. time for soccer now. in the latest action from brazil. after seeing so many big european sides fail, one has made it through to the quarterfinals. >> that side is france who faced a very strong challenge from nigeria. it was tied up most of the match and took two late goals from the french to break the deadlock. >> france upped the pressure at the end of the game and it paid off. much of the match nigeria had the upper hand. they thought they scored 20 minutes into the game but were denied by the eagle eye of the
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linesman. in the last 20 minutes france went searching for the winner and came close a number of times. the break through finally came in the 79th minute after magnificents saves nigeria's goalkeeper was punished for his only mistake of the game. nigeria turned the ball in their own net in added time. 2-0 the final score and france are in to the quarterfinals. >> joining us now in the studio is our sports correspondent. jason, france through to the final eight but didn't have an easy time. >> no they certainly didn't. we see all of the matches are very close. not much between any of these teams. no more runaway victories. they struggled against nigeria. it took a long time to wear them
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down. nigeria looked good for large periods of the match. it was the goalkeeper that kept them in the game. he was the one that made one mistake. that was enough. it was pounced on by france. they are so good in that situation. they got another at the end. france is through and nigeria is out. >> they are still waiting for their first ever quarterfinal appearance. >> the international stage we have seen it yet again. they just did not. it has been another disappointing world cup for african teams. >> jason, please stay with us. we have another very big match coming up. germ i can't understand and algeria are kicking off in less
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than a half-hour. >> they have made it this far at the world cup but have an unbeaten record against germany. >> algerians are on a high. it is their country's best performance in the world cup in history. they have never looked so strong. but if germany's coach was worried, he wasn't showing it. >> totally relaxed. i can sense the team is red hot. >> the question is whether the starting lineup will include -- the captain says the team must pull out all the stops to have a chance. >> we must take a clear look at ourselveses and call on all of our capabilities. we have to be at our best. that means playing aggressively. defending aggressively and generally showing the high quality of our game. >> germany's record against
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algeria leaving room for improvement. the teams faced off twice. most recently at the 1982 world cup. >> so will this be a cliff hanger? jason, what do you think? does algeria have the firepower to beat germany? >> they have been impressive so far. they are very tough. very physical. a lot of their players grew up and played in france and they have the skills and ability and are very well disciplined. germany, if they want to win the world cup you have to beat teams like algeria. but there is added spice. in 1982, the last time they played algeria beat germany. then germany played against austria and included. both teams went through. algeria got knocked out. they are very bitter about that.
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dark day for german futbol. they want revenge. >> the rest of us looking forward to the added spice. jason, thanks very much. >> we will see if they get that revenge. a wrap up of sunday night's action and it is a nail biter as costa rica made it through for the first time in their history opening up the scoring against greece but leveled in injury time and stayed 1-1 sending it to penalties. >> costa rica converted their first four. then this save. >> good match. that is all we have time for here at the journal. >> thanks for joining us. ña
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>> hello. we are live from paris. here are your headlines. abducted and killed. despite exhaustive searches and heavy-handed operations by aimed to the west bank rescue have turned up dead. sunni extremists declare a new islamic state as they continue to engage iraqi troops. a vital battle for baghdad. and a bloody anniversary one year from a huge protest that alped push from power,